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Passive Voice

I. Open the brackets:

This dress (to buy) by my mother three years ago.

Such animals like tigers and lions usually (to keep) in cages.

The party (to be) on the second of November (in a week).

This letter (to send) tomorrow.

The windows (to wash) by John and Lizzy last week.

My house (to build) by my grandfather.

The Passive Voice (to explain) to us at the last lesson.

Apples usually (to eat) by him in the evening.

The telegram (to receive) tomorrow.

The room (to clean) yesterday.

I hope that the tickets (to give) me by 4 o’clock tomorrow.

She showed me the picture which (to paint) by her father.

II. Make these sentences passive. Make the underlined words subjects of the passive sentences:

They offered me a cup of tea.

Students take examinations.

The waiter will serve you breakfast in five minutes.

4. I will read this book by 10 o’clock tomorrow.

5. The teacher explains the new rule.

1) is bought
2) are kept
3) will be 
4 will be sent
5 were washed
6 was built
7 was explained
8 are usually eaten
9 will be received 
10 was cleaned
11 will be given
12 was painted

a cup of tea was offered me by them
examinations are taken by students
breakfast will be served by the waiter
the book will be read by me
the new rule is being explained by the teacher
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