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1. Steve usually sleeps late on Sunday, but today he is going to get up at six o’clock because he is flying to France.

2. Jane usually meets her mother for lunch, but today she is not meeting her because she is working on the new project in the office.

3. Paul usually plays tennis on Tuesday evening, but tonight he is taking his wife to the theatre.

4. Liz usually cooks dinner for her friends on Saturdays, but tonight they are inviting her to the restaurant.

5. Bill usually goes to the stadium on Saturday afternoons, but today he is staying at home because he is feeling ill.



14.00 Rob/June: Rob and June are playing tennis.

18.00 June/Kay: June and Kay are having dinner.

All day/Kay: Kay is doing biology all the day.

All evening/Rob: Rob is watching TV all the evening.

22.00/June: June is going to bed.



14.00 Tom/Rob: What are Tom and Rob doing at two o’clock in the afternoon While Rob is playing tennis with June, Tome is going to town.

14.00 June/Kay: While June is playing tennis with Rob, Kay is studying biology.

18.00 Rob/Kay: While Rob is watching TV, Kay is dining with June.

22.00 Tom/June: While Tom is playing computer games, June is going to bed.

22.00 Rob/Kay: While Rob is watching TV, Kay is studying biology. 

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