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Помогите пож, нужно написать короткий рассказ(10-14 предложений) на тему "как празднуют НГ в Британии".. чтобы было немного о традициях и т.п.

In homes with the celebration of Christmas are the Christmas tree, over the door hanging sprigs of Holly, ivy and mistletoe. The main gifts given here on Christmas eve, but on New year it is common to exchange postcards and small Souvenirs. It is believed that new years eve, like Christmas, to children comes Santa Claus. Before you go to bed, they leave him treats in specially prepared wooden shoes, and put on the table a plate for gifts.

For new years table is served a traditional holiday meal: Turkey with chestnuts and fried potatoes, meat pies, braised Brussels sprouts, oatcakes, roasted goose, and steaks. Followed by favorite English desserts, including pudding, Apple pie, fruit and sweets. Traditional Christmas drink is punch.

The most famous of British Christmas traditions – meeting the first guest. It is believed that the year will be successful, if after midnight, the house first comes a dark-haired young man. However, he needs to bring a gift to the owners of bread, coal and salt – symbols of food, warmth and prosperity. A visitor throws a piece of coal in the fireplace. After that, all your family members congratulate each other and treat guests.
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